Sharp Development Solutions (SDS) Consulting
We apply a variety of approaches and methodologies in our areas of specialization for maximum customer satisfaction. Each model is carefully selected and crafted to meet the particular needs of each of our clients.


Programme Design and Management: Planning and Designing; Programme Baseline Surveys; Mid-Term and End Term Evaluation using various methodologies such as Outcome harvesting and OECD & DAC criteria; Programme Implementation Support; and M&E Systems and Frameworks.


Organisation Development:Human Resource Planning and Management, Performance Management, Leadership Development, Team Building, Human Resource Audit, Capacity Assessment and Capacity Building using various approaches such as participatory approach, systems approach, Consultative approach and change management approach.


Institutional Planning and Advancement: Strategic and Master Plans, Strategy Development, Strategy Review and Alignment, Policy Development and Review, Business Planning, Financial Planning and Management, Resource Mobilization, Organisation Evaluation and Planning, Donor Mapping, Proposal Writing, Fundraising Strategies, Networking, Communication Plans and Marketing Strategies.

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